Project management

An important part of good project management is, of course, monitoring budget and time. But there is more to it than that. Our approach focuses on clear communication, adequate stakeholder engagement and creating the right team for your project. Our years of (corporate) real estate experience enable us to look beyond the design project. We take the lead in the process for you and go for the best results; from preparing a business case to delivering an operational new office.

And do you need help with a project across the border? Through our cooperation with an international partner, we also offer the possibility of project management abroad.

Programme management

We specialise in guiding strategic real estate programmes for our clients. For instance, we have extensive experience in lifecycle programme management, investment planning, developing business cases, stay-go analyses, relocation, rebranding portfolios and rolling out new concepts. We have experience in leading multidisciplinary teams involving workplace experience, HR, IT and well-being.

Our systems use the latest techniques to provide insight into current performance, collaboration, communication and stakeholder reporting. We focus on good leadership and risk mitigation, without losing sight of our values, of course.

Integral technical advice

The beating heart of a building: that’s how you could describe technical installations. These installations are all about combining sustainability with a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. With our knowledge and experience, we guarantee careful integration of installations and sustainability within our projects.

Technical due diligence

Buying or selling real estate? What determines the value of real estate? To make the right choices in a transaction, you need a clear understanding of a property’s opportunities and risks. Stone Projects has years of experience with carefully conducted Technical Due Diligence (TDD) investigations for investors, buyers and sellers alike. We distinguish ourselves through a personal approach, pragmatic advice, short lines of communication and quick response.

Construction Monitoring

Thinking of buying or renting property that is still under development? Then it is crucial to have a party that represents your interests and oversees the project and its potential risks. We provide construction monitoring for clients involved in property development, over which they themselves have no direct control.


The combination of building installations, construction and sustainability is complex. We reduce these to their essence. With pragmatic advice, smart design and transparent working methods. Clear and simple

BREEAM is one of the most requested and used methodologies to assess and certify the sustainability level of real estate. We have extensive expertise and experience in applying the BREEAM methodology in a variety of sectors, both for new and existing buildings. In addition to sustainability based on the all-round BREEAM method, we also supervise WELL processes and EED energy audits.

We are an independent building services and sustainability consultancy. Our team is committed to successfully overseeing sustainable projects every day. Our knowledge and experience, we guarantee careful integration of installations and sustainability within our projects.

Connecting of technology, commerce and aesthetics

Reliable and transparent cost management

When it comes to costs, the construction industry often does not seem transparent. Unfortunately, this often proves true. However, our cost managers do provide this transparency. From the preparation of a business case to the final calculation, each calculation comes with a detailed explanation and choices for you, the client. We constantly look for the best value for money for you, at every step of the process. With the aim of realising each project within the predetermined budget.


How much does an office refurbishment or renovation actually cost? Of course everyone wants this to be as sustainable as possible these days, but how does this affect the budget? How do you make sure the architect delivers the design within budget? How do you set your budget when some details are not yet known, and how do you deal with market developments?

All legitimate questions. And hard to answer without knowledge. That’s exactly where we come in, because we love data. Every year, we purchase around 45 million euros and all these results are in our database, which gives us a lot of valuable information for any budget setting. We pay attention to quality, calculate everything for you and advise on every important choice. We will pull the cart for you and – not unimportantly – make sure everything is done within the set budget.

Purchasing and tender evaluation

So what is the best choice: a general contractor, design & build or buying in packages? As a client, what influence do you have on the choices in the construction process? How do you know if you are getting the right quality materials at the right price? Can your consultant actually be your contractor at the same time, and who then (independently) reviews the costs? What forms of contract are involved? Are the submitted charges for additional work justified?

Such questions are daily occurrences for a cost manager. Constant strategic thinking is a big part of success. As an independent party, we look with you at ongoing procurement processes and check offers. In addition, as part of full transparency, every change is tracked and reviewed in a changelog.

Portfolio management

Many clients have multiple office locations and therefore different projects. In that case, we analyse the complete portfolio so that it is clear what exactly is being spent and on what. Naturally, we take into account different office typologies and locations, as this also affects costs. Based on this information, we can tailor an even better cost estimate for you as a customer.

Is your lease due to expire soon and are the options of renewing or moving both worth exploring? Have more colleagues joined, or has hybrid working actually reduced space requirements? Have your ambitions and work processes within the organisation changed over the years, and is it high time the office space reflected this? We look things over with you!

Requirements and wishes

In all cases, it is good to establish what your requirements and wishes are in terms of location, parking, building appearance, sustainability, well-being and square metres, among others. We take everything that is relevant to you and together we determine the function of the office and what facilities go with it. All this then comes together in a vision document outlining the requirements. Using a stay-or-go analysis and/or incorporation studies, you can then make an informed choice.

Workplace concept

Once the location is known, we develop a suitable workplace concept. We do this in close cooperation with the organisation through interviews, workshops and employee surveys, among other things. A workplace concept consists of a building analysis, establishing the desired way of working (e.g. hybrid working), a so-called spot plan and a detailed programme of requirements. We also examine what is needed in terms of IT, facility services and HRM/change management in addition to housing. Based on all this information, the interior designer can then get to work!

Interior design

Do you need the help of an interior designer to develop your dream office, but have no idea what to look out for in the selection process? We will help you choose the right party. We also ensure that loyalty to the workplace concept is maintained during the design process. The aim is an optimal balance between functionality (think legislation and regulations, such as health and safety guidelines) and aesthetics.

Independent advice

Our workplace consultants have years of experience in a variety of organisations: both small and large, public and private, national and international. They possess the art of constantly moving back and forth between strategic objectives and practical solutions. They are always engaged, organisation-sensitive, creative and truly listen. They are pragmatic, but will also push your organisation to go the extra mile. For your new office, they will gladly make the most of it!