No fancy slogans or visionary vistas.

You could also call it no-nonsense, our approach. But we know what we are talking about and bring a lot of experience. And we use that experience by paying attention to the right details. Every project is different, but our approach is always the same.

Always personal

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Transparent as glass

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The best choices

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So personally

Ok, …sounds nice, but what’s in it for me as a client?

A lot! At Stone, we believe that genuine personal involvement is one of the most important factors for a successful project. And that involvement starts with our people; when we start working on our client’s challenge, we immediately make it clear which colleagues are working on it. There are often 2, at most 3. Until everything is finished. And you can hold us to that.

And those people are there for you, always. Because we understand that sometimes in the evening something comes to mind that you still have a question about. And if we don’t have an answer right away, then always the next morning.

You can also expect good stewardship from us. It may sound boring, but we approach projects as if we were paying for it with our own money. The reality is that in our profession something goes wrong more often than in one go . That’s not a bad thing, because we know that and we act accordingly. Clients entrust us with their budgets, we make sure that at the end of the day it fits. All the time.

© Fokkema & Partners | Photographer : Bram Vreugdenhil

Clarity without surprises

That is what we, at Stone Projects, mean with transparent Every client knows exactly what he pays us for and what work we perform for it. No hassle about responsibilities or foggy budgets, that only distracts from the goal: an Outstanding Office.

What we do and how we do what, we make that completely clear at the start of every project. Where does our involvement end and that of another partner begin or vice versa? If that is clear to everyone involved, you will avoid 99% of potential surprises.

Our clients pay for our work, nothing else. If we appear to be exceeding our budget, we will explain why and find a solution. We have no price or bonus agreements with the architects or suppliers we work with.

This way of working means that we can act independently and only serve our clients interest. That works more pleasantly for everyone and therefore delivers the best results.

Choices make projects

And that’s why we see it as our number 1 task to help you make the best choices. The context of every office is different. And budgets in every project are also different. Our knowledge of technology, the market and the use of real estate help our clients to make the best choices for them.

We are a team that really understands offices in both breadth and depth. We are a solid discussion partner for every party in the project, whereby the requirements of our client always come first.

That also means we’re not yes-men. If you really know what’s going on, we believe that you have a duty to help clients make wise choices. Advising can therefore also mean warning. Ultimately, the client always makes the choice, we provide the right arguments and considerations to make that choice.

No matter how good your choices have been, without exception, all projects still have points for attention that come to light after delivery. That’s just the reality. At Stone Projects we are at our clients disposal to arrange this, even after delivery. Although the project is (almost) finished, the relationship does not stop there. That too is a choice.

© HofmanDujardin | Photographer : Matthijs van Roon

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